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Sourcing projects required elements to reach customers targeted goals.

Our Services

Equipped with professionalism and excellent communication skills we have a network which can deliver your every need after decades of experience in the Oil, Gas and Shipping industry. We are able to leverage our relationships and partnerships to support your business and projects goals. We will utilize our vast knowledge to optimize your time and deliver expected success.

Our Services
Communication & Consultancy
Group project help
Manager and Worker

Communication & Consultancy

With over 30 years of proven track record and experience in strategic positions we have worked with World Class Gas and Oil companies located in Middle East, USA, Europe, South America and   SE Asia including China. We are able to offer our services to provide consultancy about commodities like LNG, Methanol, Ethane, Oil as well Ammonia and renewable shipping commodity assessments. Our network is engaged in Gas/Oil and Shipping where we are able to bridge communication gaps and exceed Client expectations.


We have worked strategically with a number of Oil Major’s on State owned projects providing professional trading and shipping solutions. We have worked on projects with a capital investment value of 800 million USD. With a culture based on traditional values, we will act as our Client’s Trusted Advisor securing and protecting interests with professional business integrity.


Providing brokerage/advisory, negotiation services in the Gas/Oil commodity industry focused on

the Shipping and Chartering sector.

About Us

Eighty9 Energy Pte Ltd, is consultancy firm with expertise in commodity industry and transportation solutions. Based in Singapore, firm has privilege to work and exchange required network connection using multiple levels to reach designated energy sector including vessels owners. Proven track record of working with Project - Business Development and organisations we can offer expertise in the following areas:

Communication and Consultancy 

Project Management


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About Us

Mission Statement

.. Lost time is never found again…

As quoted above we would like to deliver high proficiency on our services working with energy sector and same time supporting customer’s requirements within designated time to turn vision into reality.

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